Strathalbyn Gully Remediation Works


Greening Australia




Vision Constructions were contracted by Greening Australia to carry out the treatment of two gully systems on Strathalbyn station. The rectification of these gullies was carried out to minimise the level of sediment entering the Burdekin River, and in turn the Great Barrier Reef. As these works were the first of its type to be carried out in the area, the construction process employed by Vision acted as a trial for future works. The uncharted area and unique soil type caused a number of unforeseen issues to arise throughout the duration of this project. To avoid any costly delays or undesirable outcomes, Vision worked with Greening Australia to overcome these issues whilst maintaining a healthy working relationship.



Some of the key constructional tasks within the project were;

  • Clear and grub,

  • Bulk earthworks,

  • Hard stand construction and material conditioning,

  • Final Trim (both skid steer and grader),

  • Detailed Excavations,

  • Installation of gas pipeline, and

  • Installation of property substations and kiosks.