Jubilee Plunger Gold Mine, Georgetown North QLD


Deutsche Rohstoff Australia


Vision Constructions were subcontracted to Deutsche Rohstoff Australia for construction works located 85 km South West of Georgetown in Queensland. The project involved the extraction of 270,000m3 of material. Mobilisation and initial mining were undertaken within 1 week of contract award to ensure completion before an early wet season. The job was completed 2 months ahead of schedule by Vision constructions due to high daily production rates. All works were completed to specifications with zero incidents occurring during operations.



Some of the key constructional tasks within the project were;

  • Clear and grub,

  • Bulk earthworks,

  • Detailed Excavations along ore seams,

  • Establishment and operation of a full mobile camp in a remote location,

  • Drill and blast activities,

  • Haul road construction and maintenance, and

  • ROM pad construction and operation.