APLNG Civil Works


APLNG Leighton Contractors/Origin Energy



Vision Constructions were subcontracted to Leighton Contractors for the overall delivery of 600 well heads for the Australia Pacific LNG works. These well heads were located between Yuleba and Miles, with these systems being used to collect coal seam gas and water from each well for processing. Civil and construction operations included, the construction of over 200 lease pad hard stands and associated civil works. Vision Constructions completed all lease pads without fail, and no re-work required, whilst also working within the delegated construction time lines.



Some of the key constructional tasks within the project were;

  • Clear and grub,

  • Bulk earthworks,

  • Hard stand construction and material conditioning,

  • Final Trim (both skid steer and grader),

  • Detailed Excavations,

  • Installation of gas pipeline, and

  • Installation of property substations and kiosks.